Completing a NCOALink® PAF

What is a PAF?

The PAF is a form that identifies those mailers to whom USPS has disclosed change-of-address information via the use of NCOALink processing. It ensures mailers acknowledge that change-of-address data is restricted and may protect the licensee if a mailer uses the processing results for reasons that abuse the intended use of the product such as creating a list of new movers.

Why does the United States Postal Service® require a PAF?

NCOALink Service Provider Licensees are required by their agreement with the USPS to acquire a PAF for each of List Owner.

The PAF is an essential part of the NCOALink process because it enables the USPS and mailers to comply with the Privacy Act of 1974 by way of a written request to use change-of-address information for mailing purposes.

How often does a PAF have to be completed?

Prior to any NCOALink processing, and once annually thereafter, a completed and signed NCOALink PAF is required from each List Owner. A PAF completed on January 1st 2017 can be used until midnight December 31st 2017.

Who must complete the PAF?

The form must be completed and signed by the owner of the list being processed. All Brokers, Agents, or List Administrators the list passes through must sign a PAF for that list.

NCOALink processing requests submitted on behalf of a List Owner by third parties must be fully disclosed.

Under no circumstances shall a third party Broker, Agent, or List Administrator be considered the List Owner nor have the authority to sign on behalf of the List Owner.

The USPS must effectively track all entities that will have access to the new addresses provided by the NCOALink service. No matter how many entities touch the list, each must sign a PAF.

List Owner

  • Person/Company for whom processing will be done
  • The owner of the mail created from this list; the one party in the process that is driving the mail without whom no mailing would occur
  • Is the beneficiary of the NCOALink processing


  • Acts as a middle-man between the List Owner (customer) and Licensee
  • Is a reseller for the Licensees service
  • Must not retain the file from the List Owner for more than 45 days
  • May receive updated addresses from the Licensee for the purposes of delivering the same to the List Owner, but is never the final repository for the data

List Administrator

  • Houses, maintains, updates and manages the list for the List Owner on an ongoing basis
  • Usually has a contract to provide the above services to the List Owner (customer)

How to complete a PAF

Complete all information in the appropriate sections of the PAF.

List Owner Section

A broker or list administrator may fill out this portion on behalf of the List Owner, however an individual from the List Owner must sign the PAF.

Broker/Agent, List Administrator Section

All parties who handle the list in the course of submitting lists for NCOALink processing must complete this portion of the form.

Licensee Section (Paper Copy Only)

The NCOALink Licensee will complete this section of the form. Do not write in this section.

Helpful information

NAICS - The North American Industry Classification System, which replaced Standard Industry Code, is used to classify industries. If you need assistance in finding your code, go to the following link:

Customer Registration ID (CRID) - Complete if applicable.

Parent Company Name - Complete if applicable.

Marketing or "DBA" Company Name or Primary Affiliate Company Name - Complete if applicable.

Name - Company representative who has the authority to sign this document.

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